Yoshi is a green Yoshi from Dinosaur Land who debuted in the 1991 SNES game Super Mario World.

Age: Unknown                                                                     

Likes: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Birdo, Peach, etc.

Dislikes: Bowser, his minions and the dopplegangers. Yoshi is a Nintendo character, and is usually Mario's companion in retro and new games.

Yoshi is considered cute by many people. He makes few appearances in MarioMario54321's videos, but did appear to almost drown thanks to Fawful in the fake part 2 in Into the Fourth Dimension . Yoshi also appeared on the Star World Castle and may have made cameo appearences in videos, like when someone falls onto the top flagpole on Princess Peach's Castle. His 4D counterpart is Doshi.

By 2013, numberous Yoshis, including Yoshi himself, joined YTR.


Yoshis come in many colors, here are they,

Green, Yellow, Black, Red, Blue, Pink, Light Blue, Purple, White,Orange and Uni-color