Waluigi, Mario and his friends, sometimes Bowser


Bowser, Oiraw,and Mario

First Appearance

Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins

Wario is an anti-hero character in MM54321's videos and official Nintendo video games. He's Mario's greedy yellow and purple counterpart rival.

He has a counterpart named Oiraw and a partner and adopted brother named Waluigi. In Ztarragus's Island, he appeared at the end, revealing that he was the one who created Ztarragus to get back at Bomberman for something. But this was proven to be a lie in Return to Ztarragus's Island. In Frozin Solid, he helped Mario and Luigi beat Frozin.

He loves money and is very greedy at times. He also enjoys garlic to an unhealthy extent. Wario tends to have terrifyingly horrible hygiene, often leaving messes, having bad breath and is not afraid to show his constant flatulance, using it as a microgame as well as an attack.

He also appeared in MarioMario54321's Moon World Series. He and Waluigi accidentally freed Lanuwigi and then Novuscurous and joined Mario and friends to save the Star World again. His Star World counterpart is Moonio, as was revealed. It's also revealed that he can read Moonogram.


  • Whether he and Waluigi are actual brothers is debated, as info about this subject from offical Mario sources (i.e. Nintnedo) contradicted each other in the past.
  • It is possible that Mario and Wario are cousins. By extension, this could also mean that Luigi and Wario are cousins.
  • MM54321 said in the comments of a video of Into the Fourth Dimension that Wario's 4D Counterpart is Cuatrio, who didn't appear because Wario didn't either. This was retconned, as Wario's 4D Counterpart was renamed to "Ranbio".
  • Wario's name comes from a portmanteau of the Japanese word for evil, "Waru" and Mario (悪マリオ)