The Light Star X is a secondary protagonist in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X. It created the Light Star, and was given to Mario after he defeated Geminon in a battle.

Light Star X

Light Star X Animation

It was created when the Dark Star X was classified as a counterpart from the Reverse Dimension. OiramOiram12345 decided to bring both of these stars to around the beginning of time (A billion years after the creation of the universe, to be exact) and merge them to form Star X in the trajectory of a comet. When Star X broke, the DSX and LSX came to be again. It can merge with MarioMario54321 to form MarioMario54321 X, and also might be able to merge with Mario to form Mario X. In the end of OO12345 and the DSX, the LSX and the DSX reformed into Star X, after the Dopplegängers are destroyed.

180px-Warrior X and the LSX

Warrior X giving Mario the Light Star X