This is What Starman3 looks like.

Starman3(also known as SM3 or Jacob) is a SM64 Machinimist on YouTube.  He is one of the most popular SM64 machimists, alongside MarioMario54321 and SuperMarioGlitchy4. At the moment, he has over 14,000 subscribers. He is 24 years old. His most recent appearance in MM's videos was Back to the Fourth Dimension.

Starman3 In Super Smash Bros Brawl

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His youtube icon

Videos he makes currently

Super Mario 64 Bloopers (Season 5 In Working right now!)

Super Mario Randomness Series (Never Ending)

Skype Randomness Skits (Season 1)

Roblox Goes Crazy (Season 3)

Blockland Goes Crazy (Season 1)

Let's Plays

Videogame Music Remixes


This is Starman3's Old Look Back in 2007


StarWorldMan3 (Star World counterpart)

Starman4 (Fourth Dimension counterpart)

Starman5 (Crown Dimension counterpart, although he is on the Multi-Dimensional Road protecting it.)

Ztarman3 (Doppelganger)

Power Ups

  • Fire Starman3
  • Ice/Wind/Water Starman3
  • Thunder Starman3
  • Super Starman3
  • Earth Starman3
  • Rock Starman3
  • Dark Starman3 (Psychic power, mind reading, can go through anything!)
  • Metal Starman3 (idea by mariomario761)
  • Steel Starman3 (similar to Rock Starman3, his color code is the same as the original Starman)
  • Dimensional Starman3 (can teleport to any dimension except Dimension X since it's forbidden, and open portals. Color code also the same as original SM3)
  • Super Light Starman3 (Similiar to Starman3 X, but he can use his power in case of danger as long he doesn't abuse the power)
  • Super Dark Starman3 (fan made)


He's said various things over skype chat,that he usually denies, such Starman has been accused of many different things that may or may not be true. He's said various things over Skype chat, which he usually denies, such as loving Memoodyable (young girl, thus one of the sources of the rumors of him being a pedophile) or graphic role-playing. He also did other evil actions, such as being bossy and selfish to everyone, using people (including his friends), etc. He's apologized several times for this, but his apologies have either never lasted long or just not accepted.


  • He has a cousin named Nikluigi.
  • He is the 5th most subscribed Mario Machinimist
  • He was going to make a series named Super Mario 64 and the Quest of the 121 Stars, but he gave up due to being too much of a walkthrough.