Starly Normal

Starly, Lily's Star World counterpart.

Starly is Lily and Rosey's Star World counterpart who is in charge of the Warp Pipe to Super Mario Star Road, a.k.a. the Third Dimension. She first appeared in Into the Fourth Dimension after Stario called for her attention. She ate Star Cookies with Lily before opening a pipe to Super Mario Star Road.


  • Starly is also the name of a Flying-type and Normal-type Pokemon from Generation IV.
  • Starly is the only character from the Star World besides Mastar, Cosmitalitaurus and Zythurvion who's appearance is different from everyone else's.
  • Starly's favorite food is Star Cookies.
  • Starly's only appearance is Part 3 of Into the Fourth Dimension.
  • She may possess Star powers and also might have eaten a Star Cookie King.