The Star World and it's castle in The Cosmic Crystals I-IV


The Star World and it's castle after defeating Zythurvion.

This castle resembles Princess Peach's Castle and is in the Star World. During the Cosmic Crystals Tetralogy, the Star World and it's castle looked exactly like MarioMario54321's Super Mario Galaxy 64 Texture Pack, but after Zythurvion was defeated at the end of The Cosmic Crystals IV: Zythurvia, it's look and textures improved. It is unknown who owns the castle, which makes it possible for a princess in Star World to exist, however Princess Rosalina claimed to own it. It made brief appearances in Into the Fourth Dimension and The Moon World. 

The castle appeared in many other videos, such as The Last Stand and Schm2000's Rise of Youtube and War of Youtube. DBZK5 using the original texture pack while Schm used another Super Mario Galaxy 64 texture pack.


  • In Into The Fourth Dimension, the Star World and it's castle retained it's original appearance, due to the 'Perfect Star World' Texture Pack being used as Blooper Land in Starman3's videos.