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05:05, November 20, 2020FourigiGame4 Proto Render.png (file)41 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
04:57, November 20, 2020FourigiGame4 Old Render.png (file)38 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
04:12, November 20, 2020FourigiFourigi09876 Old Render.png (file)33 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
13:49, November 11, 2020Username.png (file)3 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
13:57, November 9, 2020FourigiFan54321 New Render.png (file)38 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 (Updating render to be more accurate.)
11:46, November 9, 2020FourigiFourigi09876 New Render.png (file)33 KBProking235 
11:44, November 9, 2020FourigiGame4 New Render.png (file)40 KBProking235 
11:42, November 9, 2020Render LuigiLuigi09876.png (file)33 KBProking235 
11:40, November 9, 2020Render Luigi.png (file)41 KBProking235 
01:40, November 9, 2020FourigiFan54321 Artwork.png (file)26 KBProking235 
17:24, November 8, 2020FourigiFan54321 Old Render.png (file)35 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
12:40, November 3, 2020Smash BrosMM54321.png (file)11 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
03:28, November 2, 2020ThradOiver.PNG.png (file)127 KBJediwarriormike 
06:22, October 31, 2020Zythurvion3.png (file)102 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
06:21, October 31, 2020Zythurvion.png (file)78 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
06:00, October 31, 2020Mastar2.png (file)83 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
05:46, October 31, 2020Mastar.png (file)91 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:40, October 31, 2020Fourigi.png (file)45 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
12:22, October 25, 2020MM54321.png (file)49 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
12:30, October 14, 2020LuigiMK64.png (file)6 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:17, October 13, 2020Luigi64style2.png (file)30 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:55, October 7, 2020SMGB Thambnail.jpg (file)14 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:16, October 6, 2020Mm54321 Gmod.png (file)192 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
03:06, October 5, 2020Super Mario Galaxy Bloopers Logo.png (file)522 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:37, October 4, 2020SMG2B Thambnail 7.jpg (file)21 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:37, October 4, 2020SMG2B Thambnail 6.jpg (file)17 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:37, October 4, 2020SMG2B Thambnail 5.jpg (file)77 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:36, October 4, 2020SMG2B Thambnail 4.jpg (file)20 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:35, October 4, 2020SMG2B Thambnail 2.jpg (file)11 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:34, October 4, 2020SMG2B Thambnail 1.jpg (file)19 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
02:31, October 4, 2020Super Mario Galaxy 2 Bloopers Logo.png (file)391 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
01:59, October 4, 2020Mqdefault.jpg (file)10 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 (Better quality )
03:02, September 16, 2020Quarrio.png (file)560 KBProking235 (One of the instances of Quarrio's name being misspelled.)
16:21, September 15, 2020MMcolorcode2.png (file)2 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
16:21, September 15, 2020MMcolorcode1.png (file)2 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
07:12, September 13, 2020A fight for mental control.png (file)1.01 MBProking235 (Mario and MarioMario54321 fighting against their evil alter-ego's Mr. M and Mr. Mx2 for control of their body.)
07:17, September 12, 2020Proto Bomb-King.png (file)476 KBProking235 (This is the Prototype King Bob-omb (4D). His Eyes are black swirls which makes them very hard to see against his black body. At this angle, the pre-rendered shine on his body makes one of his eyes visible, hence why it was chosen.)
23:49, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB1 Underground Big 2 (New).png (file)3 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:46, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB1 Underground Big 2.png (file)1 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:37, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB1 Ground Big 2 (New).png (file)3 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:36, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB1 Ground Big 2.png (file)1 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:34, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB2 Original Big 2.png (file)1 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:33, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB2 Realistic Big 2.png (file)1 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:30, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB2 Original Small 2.png (file)838 BPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:30, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB2 Realistic Small 2.png (file)836 BPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:26, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB3 Big 2.png (file)1 KBPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:20, September 7, 2020MM54321 SMB3 Small 2.png (file)533 BPurpleSamurai5.0 
23:01, September 4, 2020Fourigi Calling FourigiGame4 the wrong name.png (file)1.3 MBProking235 
22:50, September 4, 2020FourigiGame4's Spirit.png (file)223 KBProking235 
22:17, September 4, 2020FourigiGame4's Original Color code.png (file)142 KBProking235 

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