Schm2000 (The Enderman King)
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YTR, Kiddy Stoppers, Mario Bros.


Clawdeender, Death Trappers, Starman3, SuperEmiga.

First Appearance

War of YouTube

Schm2000 is a YouTuber and fan (but not a noob fan) of MarioMario54321.

Roles in Movies:

Into the Fourth Dimension:

He was a YouTuber at the Cotton Candy Station in Episode 18 trying to get a D-Star, but couldn't because the Wing Cap blocks weren't turned on. Later, when Luigi turned the Wing Cap Switch on, in Episode 19, Schm is able to get the 96th D-Star.


  • Schm2000 was one of the few youtubers to appear more than once in Into the Fourth Dimension, the others being XxanbuxX10, SMUS16475 , ThePhazonMario, SuperSpikeEmerald, MarioMario761 , Terminario8000, and Thepenguinking2 .

War of YouTube (MarioMario54321's Appearance)

MarioMario54321 got kidnapped by the Clawdes, but was later freed when Schm refused to kill his friend. He later lazered Clawdeender before beimg knocked out.


  • Schm intended for the (Character)Cs to be the Clawdes possessing their counterparts, but had to change it under the infulence that Starman3 is never evil. He only changed Ep. 2 though, so the rest of the episode acted like the original plot.

Rise of YouTube (MarioMario54321's Appearance):

MarioMario54321 first got kidnapped by Mario with voodoo dolls, but later escaped thanks to Captain. He later met Starman3 with Mario, saying that he is okay and is no longer evil. He later gets knocked out and clone by SuperEmiga before Emiga leaves. Much later, MarioMario761 saves MM54321 and both fight Death Trapper 8. They both meet with Captain and Runner and head to the Fourth Dimension, seeing that Crownux and QuarioQuario54321 are okay. He later sees MM761 being attacked by Death Trapper 63 and makes DT63 escape. He later finds Starman3 at Blooper Land, seeing that he is okay.


  • The original plot of Ep. 9 was for MarioMario54321 and his group to find Clear Stars to fix Crownux, but was taken down due to negativity.
  • The ACTUAL plot for ROY was to be a game show and MarioMario54321 was one of the contestants there, but was scraped when Starman3 wanted to land in the Fourth Dimension.

Fall of YouTube (MarioMario54321's Appearance):

He is yet to appear in FOY, but will starting in Ep. 4.