Trapped in Reverse Dimension


Dopples, Shadowreavers, Dimension X

First Appearance

The Fury of CandyCao7

OiramOiram12345 is MarioMario54321's Doppleganger. He first made a cameo appearance in The Fury of CandyCao7. He then appeared in OO12345 and the Shadowreavers as the main antagonist. He appeared in other videos of MM54321. His final appearance was OO12345 and the DSX, as the true main antagonist where he called himself the master of the dopplegangers and the master of the Dark Star X. He merged with it and the Dark Star, first to become Dark Bowser X along with Bowser X, then OiramOiram12345 X, but was defeated and was sealed in the Reverse Dimension.

He is one of the most powerful antagonists ever known to appear in a MarioMario54321 series, from causing massive chaos through dimensions to attempting to convert Mario's world into the Dark Star X's. He was thought to be the original creator of the doppleganger project, but it was soon revealed to be Dark Star X's creation.       

He managed to escape the Reverse Dimension with the Dark Star X. However, the DSX was classfied as a reverse counterpart, so the Light Star X was created. OO12345 decided to travel back in time to 12 billion years ago and fuse the two to create Star X in the trajectory of a comet.

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  • Oiram is Mario's Doppelganger and Mario backwards, like other doppelgangers in the 30 part movie.
  • OO12345 originally was the leader of the Shadowreavers once. It is unknown if the Shadowreavers consisted of doppelgangers or not, although it is possible.
  • OiramOiram12345 currently has a YouTube account named "54321oiraMoiraM", he made the OO12345 picture, and did a recolor of the 16-bit Mario into 16-bit OiramOiram12345, with him standing to his right with a green background. He also has a ROBLOX account, besides the video, "OO12345 GOT A PERMANENT BAN ON ROBLOX!", but he made a new account called 54321oiraMoiraM, the one that got banned was called OiramOiram12345.
  • There was once a YouTuber named OiramOiram12345, but the account got taken down for personal reasons.
  • In SMG4's bloopers, OO has a red hat and shirt, the reason why is not known to the general YTR.

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