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Cosmitalitaurus, then Mario and his friends


Zythurvion, Mario and his friends, Novuscurous

First Appearance

The Cosmic Crystals

Mastar is a villian from the Star World and the main antagonist of The Cosmic Crystals and The Cosmic Crystals II: Mastar's Revenge. His favorite food is cosmic things, even cosmic people. He bears a striking resemblance to Bowser, and is one of Bowser's Star World Counterparts. In The Cosmic Crystals, Mastar tried to take over the Star World by covering it in darkness, and even sent out his 11 minions (which were the Star World counterparts of all the basic Super Mario 64 bosses) to cause trouble. But MarioMario54321's friends beat all those minions. Then Mario used the power of the cosmic crystals to defeat Mastar.

Mastar returned in The Cosmic Crystals II: Mastar's Revenge as the main antagonist. This time, he created a huge red comet to destroy the Star World. He also scattered the cosmic crystals all over the Star World, which MarioMario54321's friends collected. After he was done, Mario went to face Mastar again, but was defeated. Then MM got his "Anti-Noob Clan" (a clan formed when MarioMario54321 was on ROBLOX) together, and used their "Anti-Noob Cannon" to destroy the comet, ruining Mastar's plan. Mario then used the power of the cosmic crystals to defeat Mastar once again.

Mastar once again returned in The Cosmic Crystals III: The End of the Star World, but this time as the secondary antagonist, with the main antagonist being Cosmitalitaurus, who revealed that the only reason Mastar was trying to destroy the Star World was because he ordered him to. He later made cameo appearances in The Cosmic Crystals IV: Zythurvia and The Moon World as a supporting character.


  • Mastar was mentioned in The Arise of OacYdnac7 and was one of the villians that supported OacYdnac7 but never appeared onscreen.
  • Mastar's name is a combination of the words "master" and "star".
  • It wasn't revealed that Mastar was one of Bowser's Star World counterparts until Into the Fourth Dimension.
  • The idea of Mastar getting spun super-rapidly in The Cosmic Crystals became a running joke throughout The Cosmic Crystals II, III and IV, and OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X.
  • In Ztarragus's Island X, a miniseries within OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X (Parts 16-20 and the beginning of Part 21), Master Hand X's name was misspelled as "Mastar Hand X" in Part 17 of OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X, which was also considered Part 2 of the miniseries Ztarragus's Island X.