Warrior X and the LSX
Geminon and Geminon X tell the story of Star X

Geminon X in Peach's Castle.

Geminon X (A.K.A. Warrior X) is the X counterpart of Geminon who appeared in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X. Geminon ironically overrided the Dark Star X to create him. He turned Starragus X into Rocko X, cancelling out the possibility of Celestius X to protect him from the Dark Star X until a worthy warrior could tame Celestius X, very similarly to Geminon sealing Starragus in a rock, to protect Celestius from Zythurvion.

In the OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X, Mario challenged him and won to get the Light Star X, and also explains how he was created and the origin of the Dark Star X. Along with Geminon, he later explains this in front of the others.