Star World Counterparts, Geminon X, Cosmitalitaurus, Mario and his friends


Novuscurous, The Dark Star X, Doppelgangers, Zythurvion

First Appearance

The Cosmic Crystals IV

Geminon is a famed warrior who did many heroic feats in the history of Star World. He was the one who sealed Starragus into a rock. He was also the one who made Geminon X when fighting The Dark Star X. He also beat Zythurvion, sealed Starragus to protect him from Zythurvion, lead Mario to beat Zythurvion, fought Mario and lost, giving him the Light Star for this reason, and helped Mario and friends stabilize the DSX and destroying all Dopplegangers.

In The Moon World, the real reason for his fame was that he stopped the fight between Cosmicalitaurus and Novuscurous, and his victory against Zythurvion only defended his fame. After Novuscurous returned and defeated Geminon, an unknown Moon World Warrior (Revealed to be Lanuwigi) stopped Novuscurous.

He is one of the most powerful and respected warriors in MarioMario54321's videos, being Star World's hero countless times by defending its people from many dangers that have loomed upon them. It is revealed Geminon never came from the Star World, and rather a personal dimension of his own.               


  • He could be also called Warrior, becuase his X counterpart was called Warrior X, but is now more commonly known as Geminon X.
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  • In Into the Fourth Dimension, it is revealed that Geminon didn't come from the Star World.