The Double M Room (abbreviated DMR) was a chat room MM54321 created on October the 10th 2011, and 14 days later advertised.

Notable Members


  • During the chat`s active days, you could potentially be put in a YouTube video if you are in an argument with another member. Most of these were recorded by Raykidd227 and/or SMUSX. These said videos are nearly non existent now
  • Most people who had a certain distaste for the replacement chat YouTubeRangers were from DoubleMRoom before. Mainly because of the past actions of the new owner (Starman3) . Fortunately for them the YoutubeRangers chat room is no longer active as of 2013
  • Double M Room could also be called: Double Mario Room, 2MarioRoom, Mario Mario Room, 2 M Room or M M Room. It is an obvious reference to the main owner MarioMario54321
Xat double m room chat

The Double M Room