Cookie King

The Cookie King, about to squish Mario.

The Cookie King was a Whomp-Cookie hybrid who built his Fortress to replace Whomp's Fortress in Mario's Cookie Adventure. After Mario arrived the plummer found Lily, who was eating the Cookie Crushers and a Talking Cookie. She helped Mario reach the Cookie King by collecting 2 Power Stars and entering the Fort. After Mario found and defeated the Cookie Boss, Lily ate him and Mario returns to tell Toad the good news, and learned who Lily is.

Later the Cookie King escaped, (he later mentions not wanting to talk about how), and turned Whomp's Fortress into a cookie-fied one. MarioMario54321 told Mario what happened and Mario assumed the Cookie King stole Marko's Cookies that were ment to end world hunger, but what really happened was that Lily ate the cookies in Marko's cookie storage pyramid and Mario and Luigi were supposedly the culprits, who were to be thrown in jail by the FBI. Mario defeated the Cookie King and Lily ate him again.Then Lily was busted for what she did and before the FBI could take Lily away, Mario told them about the cookies used to make the new Cookie Fortress,and they replaced the old cookies and Lily was off the hook. Later Mario battled and defeated the Cookie King X, (the Cookie King's X counter-part), in OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X. After being defeated, the made-out of Oreo Cookie King X was eaten by Lily, who likes Chocolate Chip cookies over Oreos. The Cookie King X must have merged with the original Cookie King, after the X Stars were reunited into Star X, all "X" bosses merged with the original bosses. What's weird is that both Cookie Kings were eaten by Lily (the original was eaten twice), so if the Cookie King could still alive, the Cookie King X would merge with the original in the same place. His current whereabouts are unknown due to his ability to survive digestion.