CandyCao7 in Bob-omb Battlefield

CandyCao7 is a Youtuber and is an anti-hero in MarioMario54321's Bloopers

Likes: His siblings (sometimes Mario and His Friends).

Hates: Mario, Luigi, MM54321, LuigiLuigi09876, LilynCookies , and The Dopplegängers.

His doppleganger is OacYdnac7 who CC7 said he created him but was proven false by The Dark Star X. His brother is BandyKao7 and his sister is Dannii4Nina. He hopes to destroy Mario after he thought that CC7 was made out of candy and tried to eat him. CC7 then continued appearing in MM54321's videos as either a hero or a villain. In the early parts of OiramOiram12345 and the Dark Star X,  he becomes an anti-hero and was stalked by Lily, who claimed she didn't have anyone else to be with. Oacydnac7 was evil until CandyCao7 turned evil which caused His dopple to be good as a flaw in the Dark Star X where only dopples are evil if their Counterpart is good but in this case his counterpart was evil. LightBallCao & ShadowBallCao were meant to influence CC7 to good or bad, until they merged and disappeared, leaving CC7 to make up his own mind, apparently. He was the third chosen one to wield the Dark Star X, but failed to obtain it by OiramOiram12345. He then started an army of villains to kill the heroes once and for all. He killed his siblings and then fought Mario. He failed, though, and unfortunately for him he was killed.

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CandyCao7 in CDiFan237's universe.

Outside of the SM64 Community, he was spotted by several people online, namely as a noob or other villain, if you bother him or in other shows unrelated to ours. A villain named CandyCao6 has preserved his legacy and mimics him. 

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